What can subliminal messages do for me?

Watch and listen to this hypnosis eye relaxation for free!.

If you have a subliminal CD you can listen to it while doing your eye relaxation.

Research suggests combining subliminal messages with hypnosis is even more effective than just subliminal messages. Subliminal hypnosis is a powerful combination.

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Bypass conscious mind filters with subliminal cd.


The conscious mind filters information and chronic self talk tells the subconscious what to make of this information. Thus, a person with a low self esteem can be told over and over they are good and positive and they have value in the world. However, the conscious mind gets the information first and is able to instruct the subconscious to discard the information as untrue by qualifying those statements with “But I can’t be if….” or “That can’t be true because…..”

These conscious filters explain to the subconscious that the feelings the subconscious provokes are accurate and the incoming information is not. What if we could bypass that filtering process so that the subconscious mind could hear the message that we are good and we do right by the world and we have value and we can make contributions. By using custom subliminal CDs, we have the power to do exactly that. And when a person feels good about themselves their behavior and thought patterns become more productive, more positive, more caring, more compassionate, and more real and honest than the actions of a depressed individual with self esteem issues.

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Oh, I really need one to become more of an extrovert as I’m so shy. Are there any that you can recommend?


Wow! Is thing really happening now? If yes and these custom subliminal CDs are really existing and effective then this world would be a home of great people. I’m still in awe how a custom subliminal CD can do the bypass and turn negative feelings or thoughts into favorable ones.

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