What can subliminal messages do for me?

Watch and listen to this hypnosis eye relaxation for free!.

If you have a subliminal CD you can listen to it while doing your eye relaxation.

Research suggests combining subliminal messages with hypnosis is even more effective than just subliminal messages. Subliminal hypnosis is a powerful combination.

Let me see it now...

Why were people so skeptical of subliminal Cds?


Most people will be skeptical as I was when I heard the term mind control. Can what someone whispers to your unconscious mind affect habits and behaviors that you have and change them?

In the years past, some methods of commercials used subliminal messaging to promote their products and many more would spend literally billions to find out if they worked. They have been used to pave the way for people to make purchases, to help people stop smoking, to provide for weight loss and to cease any kind of bad habit. As you can see, the uses they have traditionally been put to are not all ethical and above board.

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